backstage photo of charlotte bories working as an underwater photographer in bali

Charlotte Bories

© Alison Bounce

In a few words...

Artist & Diver

Graduated from College of Fine Arts, I've a keen eye for beauty, a dreamy child soul, and I draw my inspiration from Art History & Litterature.

While being fully attentive to your desires and your personality, I love to take you into my imaginary world. With a wave of magic wand, I'll turn your dive into a piece of art you'll be proud to hang on your wall.

As a certified freediver and scuba diver, I'm always aware of your safety and comfort, and I guide you with tips and tricks throughout the session.


underwater photographer Charlotte Bories working in sea in Bali

Under the surface

Since my specialty is underwater portraiture, you can easily guess that I have a passion for the sea, the lakes, the rivers... For nature in general, to tell the truth!

As a former Parisian, I felt how disconnected we live from nature, as if we were not part of it, as if it existed only to serve us.

I dove for the first time when I was 14, with my dad as an instructor. With this new ability of breathing underwater, I felt like I was introduced to a complete new world. I mostly saw big brown seaweeds, but anyway it was magical !

I absolutely love crossing the waters' mirror, getting rid of my gravity, being one with the sea and discovering hidden worlds. Each time I dive, my childlike soul awakens and I feel like Alice entering Wonderland.

© Alison Bounce


self portrait studio of underwater photographer Charlotte Bories in surreal scenery with orange fish on hand

Inspiration & Style

Shadow | Light

Totally in love with chiaroscuro, I like to see things emerge in the light, from a shadow full of mysteries...

Reality | Dream

Your face. Your love. Your story. But tinged with a hint of onirism.

Underwater photography is the perfect tool for that : under the surface, poetry is instantly invited.

Photography | Painting

I love creating pictorial portraits of you, that look a bit like paintings.

I draw my inspiration from baroque portraitists, Pre-Raphaelites, surrealist painters, and many more...


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