22 November 2022

ND Awards 2022

“And the wind was like the regret of what is no more,
like the anxiety of creatures not yet formed,
loaded with memories, swollen with omens, made of torn souls and useless wings.”
— G. d’Annunzio —


Like an angel bearing the divine announcement, the girl went down to her mother, all bathed in veils and youth, in a movement of infinite sweetness…
But… is she really coming down ?
Or… does she cling with all her strength, in order not to be carried away by the current…?

Beyond the spontaneous beauty of this underwater scene, beyond the obvious homage to a certain great master of painting, it is the ambiguity of this movement that moves me deeply, each time I see this image again.
A simple uncertainty in the movement, and it is all the complexity of the feelings agitating our hearts of mothers and daughters which surfaces…

« The dream is a one-night cosmogony, Every nights, the dreamer starts the world again. »
— G. Bachelard —


This series, inspired by the Chinese zodiac, was the perfect opportunity for me to explore hybridization, which is a theme that resonates deeply within me.
It really seems to me that the water is the perfect place to create metamorphosis : it’s a kind of matrix where anything becomes possible.
By playing with underwater photography and digital photo-manipulation, by blurring the line between ocean and cosmos, by mixing humans and animals, I tried to create my own cosmogony.

Are you dreaming about getting your own underwater photoshoot ?

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