20 August 2022

What freediving taught me…

Recently, Ikelite’s team asked me to write an article about freediving photography, and, well… I have to say I started to feel the infamous impostor syndrome…!

Yes, I always use apnea during my photoshoots.
Yes, I sometimes shoot in the ocean.
Yes, I got a Molchanov Freediving W1 certification.

But honestly I don’t feel like I’m a real strong freediver…
I’m not spending all my time training, or competing, or trying to dive deeper and deeper…
I’m definitely more an artist than a sporty freediver, haha !

But, that said, I realised then that it didn’t mean I had nothing to share about my freediving experience, because it was very intense, because it allowed me to learn-experience-understand so many things about the sea and about myself, and because it had been a real enrichment both personally and professionally.

For obvious conciseness reasons, this article has been entitled “5 tips for a successful freediving photoshoot”, but this title would be more accurate :
“How what I learned from freediving helped me to improve my underwater model photoshoots”.

Wish you a good reading !




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