They did it !

"I still can't believe how beautiful..."

I learned how to swim exactly one month before my Fine Art underwater photoshoot with Charlotte !

Although I was nervous about being surrounded by so much water for the first time, I always felt safe. Charlotte was very accommodating and gave me tips on how to take better photos.
And I still can't believe how beautiful the images are !

I highly recommend this experience to new and seasoned swimmers.

— Michelle, USA

"I was in shock, in a good way"

"The most creative photos"

"Unusual and beautiful"

When I told Charlotte my ideas for the photos, I thought I sounded like a crazy person... I told her I love snakes, I talk to the moon, I want to show how I balance my fire energy with water and more... Any normal person would have thought I was all over the place, but she wrote down everything I said and added equally powerful ideas to the equation.

I enjoyed the planning, the actual shoot and when I saw her photos, I was in shock, in a good way ! :)

They were the best photos I've ever had in my life.

I would definitely recommend her.

— Jasmine, California USA

I've been so glad to work with Charlotte !

First, she was highly involved when she prepared the conception of my two creative shootings.

And then, on D-day, she explained to me very well how to pose under the water.

When I finally saw the resulting pictures, they were the most creative and beautiful photos I had ever seen in my life !

— Karina, Belarus

This is no ordinary photo shoot. It's much more ...

Firstly, these are just impressive masterpieces that Charlotte created for me. Working with her was so comfortable and inspiring. She not only paid attention to my wishes, but also suggested very creative ideas.

Secondly, it was a very unusual experience of discovering my relationship with water, with my breath and with myself. A kind of meditation through the creative process.

Unusual and beautiful experience.

— Tatiana, Russia

"A lot of great photos and emotions"

"I wish I could do it again"

"We had so much fun !"

Charlotte ! Beautiful Charlotte !

We thank you for the beautiful photoshoot !

We had so much fun ! I haven’t laughed like that for a long time.

I have to confess that... I can't even swim ! So obviously my baby dived better than me...! But I did my best to smile and stay under the water. I thought it would have been hard for you to capture good photos, but you did it !

It's so unusual ! And so beautiful ! And the memories of that day will remain in my mind for a long time...

Thank you, Charlotte ! The photos are wonderful !

— Svetlana, Russia

Yesterday we had a photoshoot in the water. It wasn't our first experience : during our honeymoon on Samui Island, we brought a videographer with us, and one of our ideas was underwater. I remember how hard it was then !... I couldn't relax, sink to the bottom and pose...

But the photoshoot with Charlotte was easy and positive : a lot of great photos and emotions !

I analyzed why it happens : the more you strain yourself, the more you're afraid that something doesn't work out, the more you don't work out. Yesterday I was just relaxed and high from the process.

My advice : relax more and enjoy what's happening to you, whether it's a positive or negative experience.

Thank you Charlotte for the photoshoot !

— Alexander, Russia

Since I was in Bali and pregnant, I decided to go for unusual pregnancy photos. And I'm so lucky I met Charlotte for this wonderful experience !

I was a bit nervous before starting the session because I'm not that confident underwater, especially without googles. But Charlotte made me feel like a fish in water. She was so kind and reassuring !

We went together step by step and I must say : we had a lot of fun ! I loved the fact that she can easily adapt to me (pregnant women who needed rest from time to time...!).

I wish I could do it again, not only for the splendid photos but also for the superb experience.

My only regret : not having done it earlier for my two previous pregnancies !

I would recommend Charlotte to anyone who wants to go for unusual pregnancy pictures.

Thank you Charlotte !

— Amandine, France

"I felt like a fish in water"

"Usually I'm a poor swimmer"

"A truly memorable experience"

As I never took part in a photoshoot before, I have to admit I was a little bit nervous before the session...!

I was afraid I wouldn't know how to pose and would be disappointed by the result in the end...

Fortunately, Charlotte made me feel comfortable and guided me all along, making this experience truly memorable.

Usually I'm pretty comfortable in water, but I never freedived before : you might think it's essential, but not at all actually! At first, it's true, you have to get used to the weight of the wet clothes, but you quickly forget it.

When I received the photos, I was pleasantly surprised, they were very professional, telling a story, with a very personal style.

I highly recommend the experience to all those who are still hesitating !

— Léa, France

Wonderful underwater photoshoot with Charlotte !

It was the first time for me and I was a little apprehensive on D-Day : will I be comfortable and natural in front of a lens, especially underwater? Will the photographer think we suck?... How long will it last?

My doubts were quickly dispelled, thanks to Charlotte's advice and patience.

I didn't see the time pass ! I felt like I was a fish in water (with a wedding dress).

I highly recommend it !

See you next time for a "Mum-to-be" session !

— Nemmy, France

Such a great underwater trash-the-dress photoshoot with my wife !

It was the very first time for me, and definitely a wonderful experience !

I have to say it was a bit sporty to dive in a wedding suit...! It becomes a little bit heavy when it's wet, so I wasn't as free to move as in a swimsuit.

Usually I'm really a poor swimmer, but Charlotte managed to relax me and guide me so well that I had a great time.

And the result is amazing : the pictures are so beautiful !

Well done Charlotte ! I recommend it !!!

— Jean-Noel, France