9 November 2022

“I’d do this again in a heart beat”

If you’re in Bali looking for a wicked photoshoot, this is the dream team!
It’s not cheap for pricing, but VERY WELL WORTH IT, and I’d do this again in a heart beat.

It was a 4 hour adventure starting first with the mermaid course. The instructor taught me simple breathing and swimming techniques, as well as good tips on how to improve my poses and hair positioning. It’s honestly harder than it looks!

The whole team always made sure I was comfortable with the poses and if I was fatigued or not. The safety diver would always be close by to help me out of the water, especially when I switched to a heavier tail.
As I couldn’t quite hold my breath too too long, Charlotte always went underwater first to get ready before we went in to swim and pose : this girl can hold her breath!!

And also, her editing skills are amazing : the result is just superb!
In the end, we even decided to add more money and order more pictures, as we just couldn’t choose just a few of them!

— Gladys, Canada

Mermaid session,
in collaboration with the Bali Mermaid School

Are you dreaming about getting your own underwater photoshoot ?

Tell me more about what you have in mind !