14 August 2019

“A lot of great photos and emotions”

Yesterday we had a photoshoot in the water.
It wasn’t our first experience : during our honeymoon on Samui Island, we booked a videographer, and one of our ideas was shooting underwater. I remember how hard it was then !… I couldn’t relax, sink to the bottom and pose…

But the photoshoot with Charlotte was easy and positive : a lot of great photos and emotions !

I analyzed why it happens : the more you strain yourself, the more you’re afraid that something doesn’t work out, the more you don’t work out.
Yesterday I was just relaxed and high from the process.
My advice : relax more and enjoy what’s happening to you, whether it’s a positive or negative experience.

Thank you Charlotte for the photoshoot !

— Alexander, Russia

Are you dreaming about getting your own underwater photoshoot ?

Tell me more about what you have in mind !