14 February 2023

“Tears of joy ran down my face”

Observing the evolution of Charlotte’s creative spirit and her growth as an artist has mesmerized me for several years.

Plans for our first photoshoot were interrupted by the COVID19 pandemic and the second attempt by my leg injury. Charlotte was very understanding when I made the decision that if I couldn’t put my heart and soul in it, we should postpone. Finally, the pandemic was over and my injury had healed. It was time to immerse myself in the wonderous world of Charlotte’s imaginative genius.

The creative process leading up to the photoshoot was magical. Charlotte patiently listened and went to great lengths to understand the concept. Her mood board rendered me speechless. She incorporated everything important to me, seen through the creative lens of a brilliant artist. I appreciated her professionalism, ideas, and candid thoughts until we finalised every detail.

At the start of the photoshoot Charlotte’s heartfelt smile instantly put me at ease. I felt safe, calm and comfortable with her remarkable team. Our day was filled with joy, laughter and waiting for the clouds to hide the direct sun. After all, we were in sunny Bali! Everything felt easy and I quietly admired Charlotte’s perseverance until we had the right shot for what she envisioned to create. This is where my contribution ended. Truth to be told, my part was easy – get into the water, smile for the camera, and have fun. The work for Charlotte however, had only just begun.

When I received the link to the gallery, my heart was pounding and when I saw the images tears of joy ran down my face. I know, how very melodramatic of me! But see, to me these aren’t just photographs. They are a tribute to my mum; a symbolic representation of our relationship and her love of art. Charlotte captured her essence and immortalised a part of her.

No matter if you are new to underwater photography or an experienced underwater model, I encourage you to create with Charlotte.

Make your dreams come true by submerging yourself in her unforgettable dreamworld full of imagination, excitement, and beauty. Create poetic art and cherish the experience forever.

— Dijana, Australia

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