2 April 2024

“Charlotte is by far one of the best”

In the realms of underwater portrait photography, Charlotte is by far one of the best in the industry.

Immediately following our first encounter in Paris, I knew I had to book another underwater shoot and instantly started to plan my next visit with her.

We had it all planned out : the theme, the location, the outfits and props. The countdown was on.
Unfortunately, the swimming pool we had booked, told us a couple of days before our shoot that they had double-booked the pool, meaning we had nowhere to capture our vision last minute. In an instant, it felt like both our worlds had come crumbling down… However, Charlotte pulled out all the stops in order to book us another location at very short notice, for which I am extremely grateful. She proved her dedication to see the shoot through despite all odds.
As I was on my way to catch the flight, a message from Charlotte appeared: “Good news, I have received positive answers from two hotels!” I couldn’t believe it, the joy I felt from receiving that message was unmeasurable. I embarked on the plane with the biggest smile. After months of planning, we could now relax knowing everything was finally falling into place.

The second location was beautiful beyond our expectations! I met Charlotte and her wonderful assistant Sandra there. I embraced Charlotte and we instantly both felt relief that we had made it and the shoot was predestined.

Being in the presence of Charlotte is awe inspiring, her technical skill of creating underwater portraits transcend the ordinary and embrace the astounding! Floating in this liquid world, where time seems to stand still and the laws of gravity are devoid, Charlotte creates the most beautiful ethereal portraits.

The final images are beyond compare and even better than I ever could have imagined. This is why I love shooting with Charlotte so much. The feeling of seeing those images where she lets us catch a little glimpse of her imagination is extraordinary.

Thank you Charlotte for another wonderful experience …
I’ll see you next time in Bali! 😉

— Ruth, England

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