3 March 2023

“I embarked on a second adventure”

My first photoshoot with Charlotte was uniquely magical, so I decided to embark on a second adventure with her brilliant team.
This time we decided to not be confined by the walls of a pool, but have the vastness of the ocean as our playground to create.

With our equipment in tow we drove to a restaurant at the pier and set up base.
After refreshments and taking a few ‘before we all get wet and tired’ shots, we boarded a boat and started our journey to the shoot location.
Once Charlotte and her team checked the clarity of the water and set up all the safety equipment it was time to take the plunge!

Below the water surface lies the ultimate feeling of freedom.
Charlotte and her team made me feel so comfortable, safe, and relaxed that I completely forgot about the camera.
In their capable hands I was free to let go, be present in the moment and enjoy the limitless state of weightlessness surrounded by the beauty of the underwater ocean world. 
Charlotte was patient, caring and professional.
Only once she was sure our work for the day was done, we went back to the restaurant, enjoyed a tasty lunch and it was time to go home.

Narrowing down photographs for editing was an impossible task.
Each one was magical in its own way, so the logical solution was to order additional ones.
Seeing the final images was breathtaking.
Charlotte’s attention to detail, once more, was incredible.
Undoubtably the love and enthusiasm for her work comes out in the art she creates.

The choice of pool or ocean depends on your preference and creative vision. 
Whichever you decide on, with Charlotte you are in great hands and will end up with art to cherish for generations to come.
Create with an incredible artist in a pool or an ocean…or…be bold – do both…and decide what you prefer for yourself!

— Dijana, Australia

Are you dreaming about getting your own underwater photoshoot ?

Tell me more about what you have in mind !