creative underwater portraiture

Let your imagination run wild

Take the underwater photography to next level with the Turpentine sessions !

Beyond the once-in-a-lifetime experience, beyond the unusual photoshoot, beyond the natural beauty of the water : dive deeper in your dreams by creating incredible art with me!

From the preparatory moodboard to the digital post-production, these sessions definitely require more time, but they remain accessible to anyone, whatever the swimming level.

The Turpentine sessions are available for private or commercial photoshoots.

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Do I need to be a strong swimmer for an underwater photoshoot ?


Absolutely not.

I always adjust my sessions to the swimming level of my model. I carefully choose the shooting location and I give tips and tricks throughout the session — both on apnea and posing.

All the Theribentine sessions are help in a pool, even those with an ocean scenery.


Even if you are swimming like a rock, we'll find a way to make everything go smoothly in a very safe environment.

I'm currently based in Bali, Indonesia.


Most of my underwater photo sessions are held in pools, for obvious reasons of comfort, practicality, safety, proximity and flexibility in creation.

Depending on your expectations and projects, your photoshoot can be held in the pool of your resort/villa,

in a special deep pool, or in my pool studio.


Sea sessions are also possible, even if more challenging : please ask me for more information.


Huge flowy dresses, bride gowns and mermaid tails are available for rent, if you wish to.

Of course, you can also decide to come with your own outfit and accessories.



I often shot my pictures in wide-angle to capture your whole body plus the atmosphere around, but if you wish few close-up portraits, a waterproof makeup can be a nice option.


Please contact me as soon as possible to book your outfit or makeup artist.

In order to create breathtaking pieces of art you'll be proud to hang on your walls, a mastered retouching is essential.

After the photoshoot, the pictures are sorted, selected, cleaned and very carefully edited. 

Then I use all my digital skills to create the dreamy magical pictures you had in mind : composite, photo-manipulation, digital painting, special effects…


The pictures are delivered in a private online gallery, in web resolution (for your social media) and high resolution (for your prints). The resolution and size of the images make them perfect for large prints.


For Turpentine Sessions, the delay is usually about two months.

They did it !


What if it was you ?

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