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For a long time confined to the children's dreams, mermaids are now extending their fins into the adult world and becoming increasingly popular.

It may seem childish at first, but mermaiding is actually a fun gateway to the practice of freediving. And the revival of this mythical creature also comes with a desire to raise public awareness of the need to protect the oceans and the marine life.

With the support of the Bali Mermaid School, I offer to help you achieve this metamorphosis...

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dreamy pool photoshoot

Unless you're already a certified mermaid (PADI or SSI), these pool sessions always start with an introduction course, in order to ensure your safety and comfort. Guided by a professional mermaid instructor you'll learn the basics of mermaiding : how to swim and dive with a monofin, how to deal with apnea and buoyancy, how to pose gracefully...

Once you'll feel ready, we'll start capturing photographic proof of your metamorphosis...




creative pool photoshoot

As an extension of the Watercolor Mermaid Sessions, the Turpentine Mermaid Sessions allow you to dive deeper into this fantasy world.

Mixing underwater photography with digital painting and collage (no AI !), I'm gonna create a rich and complex picture that will tell your story.




ocean photoshoot

If you are a certified mermaid (PADI or SSI), then an underwater Fine Art photoshoot in the ocean is definitely the ultimate experience !

The diving spot will be carefully chosen according to your abilities and desires. Mermaid tails can be rent in case you don't have you own. Of course, a professional safety diver will be monitoring you all the time, ready to help if necessary.

Let's set the mermaids free !

temporary picture (no wild mermaid encountered yet...)

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