Made with love

and high standards

A family story

The fine art prints of my pictures are made in France, in an approved Digigraphie® workshop, in close collaboration with the most perfectionist master-printer I know : my father!

First an advertising photographer, he has been then an art printer for almost XX years and uses to work with artists, using all his technical knowledge to enhance their work.

Short anecdote... he also was a dive master and I had my first scuba dive with him when I was 14 years old !

A label of excellence

All my art prints have the Digigraphie® certification.

This is a label of excellence that applies to a high quality digital printing technique that allows to produce or reproduce an art work in a limited edition. This label meets precise criteria and strict uses :

- use of papers approved by Digigraphie®

- use of printers and inks approved by Digigraphie®

- limited edition prints

- official stamp / online referencing / certificate of authenticity

Museum grade prints

PAPERS : we use papers certified 100% acid-free cotton and approved by Digigraphie®. They have passed light resistance tests to guarantee a lifespan of more than 60 years under normal indoor exposure conditions.

INKS : we use pigmented mineral inks encapsulated in resin (Epson UltraChromeK3®). Approved by Digigraphie®, they ensure a faithful, constant and durable reproduction over time.

All my limited edition prints are 30 copies maximum for a single picture (all sizes and media combined).

The prints are numbered and signed, delivered with a certificate of authenticity and listed on www.digigraphie.com.



in a nutshell






Payment & delivery

The prices indicated on this site are for prints only, which are then delivered in protective tubes.

If you wish a lamination (alu, dibond...)

or a framing (american box or other),

please feel free to contact me.

NB : In case you buy a print without lamination nor frame, a small handling margin will be added to protect the picture from fingerprints. Therefore the image size will be slightly smaller.

Very limited editions :

- only 30 copies maximum for a single picture

- numbered and signed

- certificate of authenticity

Paper : Hannemühle FineArt PhotoRag® 308.

Ink : Epson UltraChrome®

Digigraphie® certification :

- dry stamp of the art printer

- online registration on www.digigraphie.com

Art printer :

L'Œil du Mulot, FRANCE.

The prints can be delivered worldwide.

They are carefully packed in protection tubes.

France (mainland) ............... free

France (overseas) ................. 10 €

Europe ................................... 10 €

World ..................................... 30 €

Shipping cost for laminated or framed prints :

on demand.

* * *

Payment methods : bank transfer, Paypal