9 December 2019

Baby swimmers

Taking pictures of babies underwater is always a pleasure : natural and playful, they fully enjoy the moment and dive without question. They look like little cherubs escaped from a Raphael painting.


underwater baby photoshoot in pool in Bali


Few tips for a successful underwater session


To ensure the session will be a success, your baby must be very comfortable in the water and know how to immerse his head. He must have been familiar with the aquatic element for a long time and practice regularly (ideally, baby swimming lessons).
Both parents (at least two adults) have to be there.



The baby’s rhythm should be respected (nap, meal…). If the child is not yet clean, provide a few pool diapers.


State of mind

The key words for a successful session are RELAX and PLAY.
To prevent the child from bracing himself and refusing to enter the water or dive, we must ensure that at no time does he feel obliged to do so for us. All this must be a game for him: show him that you are here to have fun with him and try to forget the result.
Relaxed parents = relaxed baby!
Even if we have thought about some staging beforehand, we must first of all listen to him, grasp what he has to give us, and — if everything goes well — gradually lead him towards what we have in mind.


Underwater family photoshoot for mother and baby son in pool in Baliunderwater baby photo session in a pool in baliunderwater family photoshoot with pregnant mom and toddler girl in pool in Baliunderwater baby photo session in a pool in baliunderwater baby photo session in a pool in bali

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